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Supporters Group Collective Minutes - 4th December 2019

For the past two seasons representatives of RAWA have taken part in what is nationally known as Structured Dialogue or Supporter Engagement meetings with SAFC. The idea being that clubs around the country should meet with independent supporter groups between two and four times a season to talk through various issues.

At Sunderland, RAWA are one of a number of supporter groups that attend these meetings with SAFC and together everyone agrees an agenda and abides by a pre-agreed Terms of Reference. The rules of the game are that each supporter group and SAFC will each sign off the minutes before they are published.

The first Structured Dialogue meeting of the season took place on 21st November but no minutes have been agreed for that. A second meeting was convened by Stewart Donald on 4th December which is why there is a short statement from SAFC at the start of the minutes linked to below.

The majority of the questions members prompted RAWA to ask the club are covered in the minutes below. Some supporters are asking RAWA to divulge what was discussed in the first meeting but we must play by the rules that we agreed to from the outset. If we don't, it is possible we could lose out on being able represent our members at future meetings. Rest assured though, we remain completely independent of the club and we represent supporters to the best of our ability in each and every meeting. We will continue to ask questions that you want us to ask and we won't shirk any subject.

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