What is The Red and White Army?

The Red and White Army (RAWA) is a fully democratic, inclusive and independent supporters group which aims to give a voice to Sunderland fans. Its goal is to inform, liaise with and communicate with the club to maintain fan relationships with Sunderland AFC, to the benefit of all supporters. We work alongside other supporter groups locally and nationally and engage with indivdual Sundelrand supporters.

RAWA is also commited to improving the local community and partner with Sunderland Foodbanks, The Foundation of Light and other local initiatives to raise awareness of issues.

The RAWA constitution can be read here.

Who are the RAWA representatives?

A co-opted individual is invited to join the team of lead reps from the following sections of support/organisations;

A Love Supreme / Away Fan Rep / Branch Liaison Council / Disabled Supporters Group / Family Zone Rep / SMB – Pure Football Forum / The Roker End Atmosphere Group / Supporter Liaison Group / Roker Report Fansite / Wise Men Say Podcast / LGBTQ/Women Suppporters/Corporate Hospitality/Senior Citizens and SAFC Ladies.

The elected roles are filled on an interim basis by the following until the first Annual General Meeting.

Chair – Andrew Hird
Vice Chair – Jane Hughes
Vice Chair – David Rose
Treasurer – Jamie Bogle
Secretary – Paul Nelson

What are RAWA representatives bringing to the table?

All officers are demcratically elected by our members. We ensure that we are as representative as any group can be by co opting individuals from a wide range of supporters to give a voice for everyone from families to fanzines.

We meet regularly with decision makers at SAFC to cover issues that matter to Sundeland fans and report back to supporters. Through RAWA the fanbase decide the agenda for each meeting as we canvass supporters through social media and at our own meetings. 

We aim to be a crictical friend of the club and to place the supporters at the centre of decisions on how the club is ran and in particular anything that impacts on the supporter experience. We are interested in everthing from the price of a pie and the atmosphere to the financial health and governance of SAFC. Owners and players come and go but the fans are constant.


Why should the club meet with a supporter group?

Under EFL Regulations, football clubs are obligated to hold at least two fan engagement sessions per season with an elected supporter group to discuss relevant issues or points of interest. A club should be transparent and honest with its fanbase and it can only benefit a club if owners maintain dialogue with supporters.

How do I get involved?

Membership of RAWA is open to everyone - you just need to be a Sunderland fan. We hold open meetings periodically and have an AGM each summer that is open to all members. Join via this site and you can email us at info@redandwhitearmy.co.uk or on twitter @RedAndWhite2017


RAWA Representatives


Andrew Hird

Vice Chair
Jane Hughes
David Rose

Paul Nelson

Jamie Bogle


Co-Opted Representatives


A Love Supreme – Martyn McFadden
Away Supporter – Michael McAllister
BLC – Jim Gilling
Corporate – Les Cooper
Disabled Supporter – Chris Carr
Ex Player/Supporter – Gordon Armstrong
Family Zone – Jamie Bogle
SAFC Ladies – Hayleigh Branton
Diversity – Paul Nelson
Roker Report – Gav Henderson
SMB Pure Football – Ian Crow
Roker End/Atmosphere – Chris Blyth 
Wise Men Say – Michael Lough                                        Under 18s – James Laws

Senior Supporters – Malcolm Bramley

Overseas Supporters – Derek Aspinall

Women Supporters  - Janice Chandler


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