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Minutes of Supporter Collective Meeting with SAFC 12th March 2024

The full minutes of the Supporter Collective Meeting with SAFC that took place on the evening of 12th March 2024 and a newly introduced Actions Log can be read via the link below.

Supporters' Collective - 12.03.24
Download PDF • 159KB

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1 Comment

Really disappointing and unsatisfactory response to issues around the Newcastle game. Legitimate questions not raised -

1 why was there no consultation with fans

2 who decided that the South Stand is our home end

3 was the COO consulted about the BCB

4 did key players have other allegiances

5 did anyone seriously think that in the event of a reply Newcastle would have reciprocated our generous away allocation - there simply is no way that the police, H&S would have accepted this prospect.

6 did the club consider temporarily reducing capacity if necessary to accommodate Newcastle

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