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Questions for the Club

A few days after the 3rd Round FA Cup draw rumours began to emerge about a large allocation for Newcastle fans in the North Stand. RAWA appraoched the Club to offer supporters thoughts whilst in the planning stage. The Club did not take us up on that. We have also been chasing the Club for a supporter engagement meeting way before that 3rd round draw. Other than the open meeting we organised with our owner and executive team, there has not been a meeting this season. It's not good enough.

Specific to the forthcoming derby we would like SAFC to answer the following questions.

  • Why did SAFC decide not to consult with any supporter groups and listen to their specific concerns?

  • How was the 6,000 away fans number reached and did the club try to push back on this, given there has been a level of disorder at previous derby matches which could justify a lower allocation?

  • Why did the club not designate the north stand upper as the only safe place to put away fans, given that this has previously been deemed safe for league games?

  • Are NUFC fans getting access to the Black Cats Bar itself (as opposed to just the seats)?

  • Will north stand season ticket holders have to pay more if the only seats that can accommodate their group are in a more expensive part of the ground?

  • Can north stand season ticket holders add others from the north stand in their network onto their ticket application to ensure that families and friends can sit together?

  • Will the club publish minutes/ details of the discussions held and the decisions taken regarding the arrangements for this fixture?

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