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Red and White Army kick start campaign to combat holiday hunger by raising £5000

The Red and White Army are calling on Sunderland fans to help combat holiday hunger this year after already raising £5000 at their open meeting in January.

As the half-term holiday draws to a close across Sunderland, parents and carers will probably have had a week of fun activities or days out or even just taken a chance to recharge before the busy school term kicks off.

However, for many families on a low income, this is not the reality. Holiday hunger pushes many into food poverty. While some children from low-income families can access free school meals during term time, there is currently nothing available during the holidays.

Holiday hunger also means families can suffer from social isolation, as they cannot afford to have family days out – the sort of thing many of us take for granted.

The Foundation of Light intends to run a holiday programme at Easter for 30 children from low income families across the City; providing fun activities and, more importantly, a hot meal throughout the holidays.

RAWA asked our members to help fund this programme. Due to incredible generosity on the night, we raised just over £5,000.00! Sunderland fans once again showing what a generous, caring supporter base we have.

In partnership with the Foundation of Light, RAWA are now calling on Sunderland fans to help fund the Whit & Summer programmes too.

We have set up a crowdfunding page with a target of £9,000.00. If we can reach that, along with the £5,000 that fans have already donated, the Foundation tell us that will help struggling families right through to the end of the 6 weeks holidays.

If you can afford to spare a few quid, please do donate. Every kid should have the right to enjoy the school holidays and have at least one hot meal each day.

Thank you!

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