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RAWA Reaction to Takeover

The Red and White Army would like to welcome Kyril Louis-Dreyfus as the new majority shareholder of SAFC.

As with any newcomer to Wearside he will be given the warmest of welcomes and great faith will be put on him to rebuild our Club. However, we all bear the scars of the past few years and therefore supporters will hope to see evidence of an assured plan of long-term progression.

We're sure our new owner will have done his homework on Sunderland supporters already. Nevertheless, we hope to meet with him soon, where we will do our bit to help him understand the passion and demands of our fans. We will let him know that he will immediately have the full, vociferous support of a huge fan base that are beyond ready to have something they can all get behind. We will let him know that support will continue and grow if he attempts to meet the standards and ambitions befitting of a club of our stature and history.

In 2021 as RAWA flicks the switch to become a Supporters' Trust we hope it coincides with exciting times for Sunderland fans. And let's hope we all get together at the SoL as soon as possible to enjoy the ride, when we come out the other side of this terrible pandemic.

Sunderland fans know all too well that it's dangerous to become too excited when a new owner takes the reigns. However, trying to temper that excitement is futile. So we will enjoy the feeling of renewed hope and possibilities for our beloved club. Let's hope that this really is the dawn that follows the darkest hour.

Merry Christmas to all Sunderland fans and all the best!

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