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Have your say at Open Meeting for members on 22nd October

The Red and White Army will be meeting with SAFC in November along with other supporter groups. As always those that attend the meeting want to know what you think so we can make the best attempt to represent the feelings, concerns and ideas of Sunderland supporters.

Before each meeting with the Club we trawl social media, the message boards and we ask members to email us at

We also co-ordinate the opinions of our elected committee and the larger, co-opted committee. This provides us with as rounded and accurate a view as possible.

On occasion we also hold an open meeting of members to help gauge opinion and feelings and we’ll be holding an open meeting on Thursday 22nd October at 6.30pm on Zoom.

So if you want your voice to be heard, are passionate about the club and the supporters’ voice, or you just want to have a bit craic with Sunderland fans from Southwick to Sydney, then get yourself registered.

Please note that it’s one registration per member. Please use the email that you used to join RAWA so we can check you’re a member.

If you would like to register for fellow members (family and friends etc) then you’ll need to do that separately using their email address. A link and password for the Zoom meeting will be emailed on the day of the meeting.

Whilst we’re on, a quick mention that our friends at ALS are open for business and would be delighted if you popped into the Roker End café for a cuppa and bite to eat. They’re also raising money for the NHS from sales of their new book Lockdown Tracks by Giles Mooney. Link below to purchase. Ta!

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