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The Roker End needs you!

We need more volunteers to help set up the Roker End flag display before kick off. We've increased the number of flags and we're working on new designs. However, all this means a bit more to do in the build up to kick off and at half time to collect thte flags in for storage.

If we are to maintain the display, and indeed grow into something even more special we need more volunteers. We are paticularly keen to involve families and younger fans but the match day "squad" we're buliding is open to everyone. Please email if you want to get involved or DM us on Twitter or Facebook.

We can testify that's it's a canny workout for the calfs if you get stuck right in! But every little bit helps and those already involved love being a part of it. If you're unsure, take a look at this video which was kindly produced by a volunteer last season.

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