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RAWA Roundup: The Roker End Flags

The display felt like an important milestone for RAWA as it was the biggest and boldest illustration of how the organisation is evolving and growing. Under the previous regime when RAWA was launched it was doom and gloom as we toiled to arrange meetings and get some clarity for fans. Now that communication and honesty seems to be the default setting of our current ownership it frees up time to work on projects like the Roker End. So from the dark skies of last season we suddenly have an explosion of colour that cements the newly named Roker End as our home end and our singing section.

Community Partnerships

It was a busy week as RAWA partnered with the Foundation of Light to promote the GiveAQuid campaign

RAWA once again worked in partnership with Sunderland Foodbanks - the collection prior to Coventry at home was the fourth this season since it was agreed that RAWA would get behind this at last year's AGM

Supporters in the North Stand - Feedback Required

Meanwhile after appalling behaviour by some of the Coventry supporters RAWA have been asking for supporter feedback which will help with a report that RAWA will submit to both football clubs and the police.

Many supporters have expressed disappointment at how the situation was handled by both police and stewards inside the ground when Coventry fans appeared to throw carious missiles onto the Sunderland supporters below. DM on twitter or email

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