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Open Meeting 16th January 2020

The Red and White Army will be holding an open meeting for members on Thursday 16th January at 6.30pm upstairs at The Peacock.

Supporters are rightly concerned about the current state of our club and the direction it seems to be heading in.

Many fans are expressing their concern at the club's football strategy, from recruitment to the management team, and at those making the decisions at the top. There is a feeling amongst the fanbase that there seems to be a lack of ambition and an incoherent approach.

Supporters are also troubled about the club's finances and governance. The owner has offered explanations in these matters a number of times in radio interviews and in a recent meeting with RAWA and other supporter groups. However, this has not allayed the fears of  many fans. They are also concerned about fundamental issues such as the day-to-day running of the club. RAWA asked the club to share an organisation structure chart at the meeting on 4th December to help clarify this.

At the meeting on 16th January RAWA invite members to come along to The Peacock to discuss what we as a democratic, independent supporters group can and should do. Amongst growing unrest, disatisfaction and disilusionment, what can supporters do? How can we influence improvement and change and what specifically should we be calling for?

RAWA has been in existence for two years now. We hope one day we will hold an open meeting to celebrate something positive. As things stand though, this is the lowest point in the club's history. Sunderland fans have kept the faith in difficult circumstances and we have tried to help rekindle the club these past two years. The direction of the club is threatening to erode the hope and support of the most loyal and most optimistic among us.

It's simply not good enough.

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